Heeva Idea and Plan Co. was established in Tehran, based on experience of its valuable managers and engineers in 2017. Major activities of the company are Field Marketing, Merchandising and Planogram Providing, Sampling and Promoting, Visibility Improvement, Event and Campaign planning, Out-of-stock Monitoring and In-store audits with photo documentation.

The scope of our activities is mainly in chain stores and FMCG market in Iran. We are focused on effective and innovative technologies in the fields of modern retail. The main policy of Heeva has been created based on solution providing and efficacy enhancement in a dynamic culture. The culture in which all the personnel work together as a team and each individual performs his role based on his intelligence, abilities and passion.

The mission statement of Heeva Idea and Plan is as follows “ Our mission is to develop productive ideas in modern retail to enhance dialuge between our customers and their consumers”.

The vision of Heeva Idea and Plan is as follows “Our vision is to become the first solution provider in the innovative media field in Iran till 2023.”