Directional audio refers to speakers which can limit the width of a sound beam. With directional audio speakers the user can create limited areas with sound and quiet zones in between.

Framed with aluminum frame Sound Shower speakers are thin and light with great directionality. Sound Showers are Panphonics most popular speaker model. With over 20.000 installations globally, Sound Showers are world’s no.1 directional speaker.

Sound Showers are most suitable for spoken audio delivering a clear message even in very noisy environments with complicated echo.

Heeva Idea and Plan is proudly the exclusive partner of Panphonics in Iran.



Models: Passive with external amplifier, Active with integrated amplifier

Sizes (in cm): Passive: 60×20, 60×60, 120×20, 180×20 Active: 60×60, 120×20

Colors: Black and White

Customer Cases

1. IKA

Video 1: Sound Shower at Iran Transportation Expo, Tehran, 2018

2. Golrang

Video 2: Sound Shower at Refah Chain Stores, Tehran, 2018